Collection of Brokers Turnover Stamp Duty:


BOISL has been authorised by Government of Maharashtra as the sole agency to collect Stamp Duty on Broker’s Turnover for the exchanges, BSE and NSE. As per the scheme, the turnover stamp duty is to be paid by the CM to BOISL between 1st and 10th of every month for previous month’s turnover. Clearing Member can make payments by issuing Pay-order in favor of BOISL or avail the direct debit facility. The account of Clearing Members who have opted for direct debit will be debited on 11th of every month on the basis of declaration submitted by them in Annexure A or Annexure B.


This service provided by BOISL has made lot of convenience to the Clearing Members due to proximity advantage. To ensure prompt services, BOISL has opened two exclusive counters for collection of turnover stamp duty, in its premises.


Following are the Annexure to be submitted by members along with the details of their turnover: -


a) Annexure “A”– For Clearing Member’s having their Registered office in Maharashtra.

b) Annexure “B”- For Clearing Member’s having their Registered office outside Maharashtra.


(Attach Annexure A & B format for Direct Debit)